The Bug Factor

July 15, 2014. The Bug Factor is finally out and is available for purchase at many book and souvenir stores across Costa Rica.

October 10, 2013. My first book is being released as I am writing this. It is a photography book with a bit of science mixed in between the covers, and it is a great visual introduction to the amazing world of Central American arthropods such as the insects and arachnids. I am proud to have finally finished the book. It took a few years to photograph all the creatures depicted in it, and have them identified, thanks to several knowledgeable entomologists, public libraries and the power of  internet. The book is the first one in a series of three. Other releases will follow in the near future, and will cover such subjects as beautiful birds of Central America as well as landscapes and seascapes of Costa Rica. You may purchase The Bug Factor right here, in the Shop section of this site, or from