About me

dimitriaboutMy first experience with a camera took place quite early in life, thanks to my dad. I was about twelve when he handed a loaded camera to me, and explained the basics of mechanical light capture, in about five and a half words. However the awkward feeling of holding a bulky medium format camera in the first timer’s hands by no means contributed to photography becoming a hobby. Drawing was what kept me occupied in my “creative” moments, with acrylic picture painting to have followed. It wasn’t for another several years before I regained my interest in photography. I was always captivated by the natural scenery and the ever changing ambient light around me, so buying a camera was a logical step towards the new creations. Back then for me the subject consisted of bags of film canisters, developers, stop baths, fixers, and a solid veil of tobacco smoke distorting the red light in my darkroom till early morning hours. Nowadays photography seems like a completely different occupation, if one does not take its business aspect into consideration. Camera-memory card-card reader-computer. Rarely, a print. It’s clean, convenient and affordable. It is very different. And yet it retains all the artistic attributes of the subject.  With my affection for land- and seascape photography I have developed quite an appetite for traveling, because only the constant change of scenery granted that I would never get bored with my camera because of the continuous rotation of  image kaleidoscope. In 2007, after one and a half decades of living in the beautiful British Columbia I arrived in the equally beautiful Costa Rica. It was here where macro photography began to occupy most of my time behind the viewfinder. This country is like no other. It offers so much to any photo enthusiast, with its numerous climatic zones, tightly packed into a 51,000 square kilometer wonderland. This is where I work now, with no plans lo leave, as I am quite sure that this country is holding a whole new array of secrets in it’s magic chest.